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Sharing Email and Cell Phone of Students to Teachers.

It may happen that the Lecturer needs to view the data of course students in order to contact them privately.

To activate this possibility navigate to Administration → General Settings and scroll down to the Privacy Settings and check the item Contacts Sharing:

Sharing will only be possible if the Student gives consent from his/her Private Area.

Therefore, it turns out to be necessary to give Students the opportunity to customize their profile. Navigate to. Configuration → Settings → Settings related to Students and Tutors → Check "Users can customize their profile."

Now students can set up data sharing from their Web account by clicking on their name in the upper right corner and then on Edit Profile Data:


And then check the item "Share your email and phone with faculty."

CAUTION: Sometimes it is also necessary to fill in the "Automatic session lock" box to allow profile editing.

Now the Teacher from the Web-side management can click on the name of the Students to view their data:

Note: Currently the Lecturer can only view Student data via Web access.

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