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Download filtered calendar

Various types of data can be downloaded from the Calendar, going to generate a pdf file.

By accessing the calendar icon located at the top right of any management page, you will be able to interface with the data download.

Also at the top of the screen will be four icons. Going to click on download filtered calendar will give access to various options.

Regardless of whether the calendar was previously showing the view for classrooms, students, faculty, or the other options, a fixed menu will appear:

Through the options placed on the screen you will be able to choose the information you wish to extract. Currently, it is possible to download information pertaining to a specific collective course, a lecturer or a specific student.

In order for the system to generate the pdf, however, it will be essential to define a start period and an end period, so as to go and indicate the time frame you want to analyze.

Finally, you can choose whether the various pages of the resulting file should show one week at a time or an entire month.

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