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Automatic and recurring sending of the "debt positions" report

In addition to manually exporting the debt position report of all Students/Guardians ( Manual Export Report ), ScuolaSemplice allows you to create an automation that allows you to send it systematically and customize the timing of sending it. To be able to create the automation and decide the timing of generation and sending to specific emails simply log in . . . Continue reading...

Linking with Stripe Business Account

1 - Stripe Account Creation The first step to be taken in order to link Stripe payment systems with the ScuolaSemplice management system is to create a Stripe Account. In order to create a Stripe account you will need to navigate to and create a Business account by following the procedure . . . Continue reading...

Reseller module

1. Reseller Creation To create a reseller, after the specific module has been enabled on the system, simply navigate to the "Tax Management" → "Customers/Suppliers" section and create the "customer" master data specifying that it is a Reseller by entering the appropriate check mark. After creating the reseller, it will be viewable and . . . Continue reading...

Deleting an Electronically Signed Contract

To delete an electronically signed Contract, you need to navigate to Financial Management → Manage Orders: Then press the blue Manage Installments and Payments icon on the order of interest: Then click on Reopen/Edit Order: Finally click on the trash icon that appears next to the signed contract: