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Record an outgoing payment from Master Outputs

To record expenditures navigate to Fiscal ManagementExit Master:

Click the green button in the upper right corner Add expense item:

Look for the teacher/administrative o supplier for whom to record the expense using the relevant search fields:

NOTE: Suppliers can be added to the system from Tax Management → Tax Settings → Customers/Suppliers, as explained in this guide.

Then enter:

  • Payment Type / Document: by default you can choose invoice or leave blank to specify later; to add other document types navigate to Fiscal management → Expenditure master → arrow on green Add expense item → Document types
  • Issue date: the date of issue of the expenditure document
  • Expenditure type: choose from the previously entered expenditure types (click here for guidance on entering expense types)
  • Good and service: name of the good or service being spent
  • Cost: cost of the expense
  • Tax/VAT: percentage of VAT to be applied to the cost

On the next line it will be possible:

  • leave the expense document as payable, choosing one of the previously entered payment terms (click here to read the article on entering payment terms)
  • leave the expense document as payable, manually entering the new due date
  • record the expense document as paid, entering a payment method (click here to read the article on entering additional methods)

Click Enter payment to complete the transaction.

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