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Massive import of group course registrations

Especially in cases where you need to align the system with group courses that have already started in the past, you can massively import student enrollments

Navigate to Administration Massive Actions and expand the second section. Massive import of students.

Click "Download Blank Template" to download the Excel file for bulk import.

N.B. Do not change the format of the template, only add the rows to be imported. Refer to the second sheet of the template for some compilation instructions.
The Collective Courses in which you intend to perform the massive import of enrollments should already exist in the system before performing the operation.
It is recommended that you perform the operation of copying and pasting the names of the collective courses on the import file so that the system can find the match.

Once completed, return to the massive actions page and upload the file. Click on Massively Import Entries to complete the operation.

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