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Teachers' autonomous management of classes and courses

If granted by the school, teachers may be enabled to independently manage their own lessons, either from App or Web.

Permissions can be Configured on three distinct levels:

  • Standard: Can be set from the Teacher Configuration and apply to all registered Teachers
  • Per individual Lecturer
  • Per individual Course 

The permissions set in the individual Teacher override the System permissions.

Permissions set in the Course override individual Teacher settings and System defaults.

General Configuration of Teachers' Permissions

First, the General settings.

Navigate to Configuration → Settings → Settings related to Teachers., in this screen the permissions will be divided into 4 sections according to the type of course and type of schedule:

  • Individual courses - Regular planning
  • Individual courses - Flexible planning
  • Group courses - Regular planning
  • Group courses - Flexible planning

The following options can be enabled for regular scheduling:

  • Allow teachers to plan their own schedule (for single-teacher courses only): Allows Teachers to schedule their own courses.
  • Allow teachers to define the frequency and duration of classes: Only for Individual Courses (Note: Function not available for courses with manually set end date or until the end of the teaching year.).
  • The lecturer can change the date and time of the lecture
  • The teacher can put classes in status to be made up
  • The lecturer can cancel the lessons of his own courses : Lessons will be automatically added at the end of the course

For flexible courses:

  • Allow teachers to plan their own schedule: if checked will automatically activate the other two ticks making them disappear
  • The lecturer can change the date and time of the lecture
  • Lecturer may cancel classes in their own courses


Having set the Teacher General permissions, it will be necessary to enable the classrooms in which Teachers will be able to independently manage their classes. Then navigate to Master Data → Classrooms and click the edit icon on the classroom row. From the next screen, enhance the checkbox "Bookable for Lectures":

General Teacher settings are set but can be overridden by more specific settings applied on individual Teachers or Courses.

Configuring Permissions by Individual Teacher

Then, in case you want to override the general settings entered for one or more specific Teachers, enter teacher editing (Master Data → Teachers → key "Menu" on the teacher's line → Edit) and choose the specific setting from the drop-down menu "Autonomous lesson management".

Configuration of permissions by individual Course

If, on the other hand, you intend to override the general settings you have entered for one or more specific Courses, enter teacher editing (from the list of courses, click icon of Edit on the course row) and choose the specific setting from the drop-down menu "Lesson Management by Lecturer".

In case only the general settings related to teachers are used, this will be applied indiscriminately to all Teachers and to all Courses.
The settings entered for the course, being the most specific, will be more valuable than both those entered in the teacher's master data and those entered in the general settings; likewise, if the settings are not applied to the specific course, those of the teacher teaching the classes for that course will be more valuable than the general settings.

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