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Massive import of faculty master records

To massively import teacher master records, navigate to Master Data → Teachers:

and click the green button Import:


From the next screen, click Download to download the template for the massive import of teachers:


The excel sheet will look like this:

The only fields that are absolutely required to be filled out are the Name and the Last Name, also the numbers of cell phone and email addresses must be unique, they can only belong to one user profile.

In the column Subjects you can enter one or more Subjects already present in Master Data → Subjects or insert new ones, upon import ScuolaSemplice will create and associate them automatically.

Note. The columns in the template should not be changed, reordered or deleted, otherwise the system will not recognize the document and will give error.

Once the file is completed, return to the import, upload the completed file and click the Import button:

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