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Abandoning an outstanding payment of an invoice

In the event that you need to abandon payment of an invoice to be settled, in whole or in part, because it is no longer due or because it has already been paid and you do not want to record the transaction, navigate to Tax Management → Invoices / Credit Notes.
From the next screen click the "Menu" on the line of the invoice in question and choose the "Invoice and payment details".
Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the red "Abandon Payment", enter the reason for abandonment, and click the "Confirm payment abandonment" to terminate the operation.
Following this operation, the invoice will be closed and the payment will be removed from the schedule. In addition, in the invoice listing, in the column Status/Remaining, the status "ABANDONED" with the date of abandonment next to it.

In case you have abandoned a payment in error and intend to have it returned as due, you will be able to cancel it. Then return to "Invoice Details and Payments", scroll to the bottom of the page, and click the trash icon next to the "DROPPED .".

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