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Issuance of partial credit note

To issue a partial credit note for an invoice, navigate to Tax Management → Invoices/Credit Notes.
Then click the "Menu" on the line of the invoice you intend to partially write off, followed by the "Invoice and payment details".

Dalla schermata successiva, occorrerà scendere fino alla sezione “Scadenza” e cliccare il tasto arancione accanto all’importo della rata, che permetterà di dividerla in due:

Nota: In caso sia già stato registrato il pagamento è necessario cancellarlo, dividere la rata e registrare nuovamente il pagamento.

At this point, you will need to fill in the new required fields, thus entering the amount to be reversed in one installment, and the remaining amount in the other installment, also specifying the due dates for each. Click the green button below to apply the split.

Now, by clicking the "menu" on the line of the amount to be reversed, click the "Issue credit note".

Before completing the operation, the system optionally proposes to perform the following steps:

  • Abandon payment of invoice: if checked, the reversed amount will no longer appear to be receivable; only the amount that has not been cancelled will remain as residual
  • Generate credit note with abandoned payment: if checked, the system will generate a credit note with no payment due, i.e., without having to record the financial output in the accounts

N.B. This pop-up represents only a way to perform multiple operations at the same time and thus make the process faster. However, if the checkmarks are not entered, the relevant actions can also be performed later.

Click the red button "Issue credit note" to terminate the transaction.

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