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Exporting the Lesson Agenda

It is possible to make an export of the Lesson Schedule within a Collective or Individual Course.

Navigate to Didactics → Collective Course/Individual Course, and access the Lesson Agenda. On this screen click the blue button on the down arrow found under Export and click on Export Lesson Agenda:

It will immediately start the Standard Download in Excel of the lesson plan thus compiled:

In case you want to make a Custom Export with the possibility of establishing a range of dates and indicate which information to export then again from the Lesson Agenda it will be necessary to click the Export, then the menu will open to make an Ecustom export:

Here you will be able to indicate the fields to be exported:

  • Lesson Schedule: Report the lecture notes entered by the Secretariat before that the lecture is held.
  • Scheduled Students: Students enrolled in the Course at that time and thus "scheduled" for the class.
  • Number present: The actual number of marked Students present at the class.
  • Number Absent: The actual number of Students marked absent from class.
  • Public Comment: The public comment entered to the Lecturer at the time of attendance entry.
  • Private Comment: The Private Note entered by the Lecturer at the time of attendance entry.

Once you have indicated the fields of interest and the reference period (if no period is set, the entire course will be exported), you can proceed to export by clicking the blue button Export class agenda:

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