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Student Vote Exports

Student votes can be exported to two different sections within the Course.

For both types of export, it is necessary to navigate to Didactics → Collective Courses / Individual Lessons:

From here enter the Course tab by clicking on its Name:

1. Exporting Evaluations from the Course Sheet.

From Course Tab scroll down the page and next to the section Enrolled Students click on Export:

In the tab that opens on the left expand the Student Assessment and check one or both of the items between Grades earned and Final grade:

It is also possible to simultaneously export the other data in the remaining menus which still remain optional. Finally, click on the blue button Export:

The generated export will be composed as follows:

In the example shown, Multi-skill voting is active. The legend shows the skills to be evaluated and under the Vote column the contextual numerical grade assigned.

2. Exporting Evaluations from the Course Evaluations Tab.

Inside the Course navigate the Tab Assessments:

From here click the button in the upper right corner in the shape of Download to export the Ratings:

It will be automatically start the Download of the export. The File will look like this:

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