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"Lock to start date of classes for the academic year" - Discount a course by number of classes

In the case of an Individual Lesson Course at number of Lessons it is possible to enable the function "Lock in to the start date of classes for the academic year." this can be found in Didactics → Individual Lessons → Definition of Course Types. at Edit of a Course Type set with a set number of lessons and One-time cost or Cost per Lesson:

This allows at the time of enrollment Student to calculate, at the Academic Year start date (here is the guide for setting it up) how many classes have been taken since the beginning of the year and automatically scale the cost for missed classes (if one-time cost is calculated by dividing total course cost divided by total tuition) due to late registration:

In the example given, the Student enrolls on 02/03/2023 when the Academic Year start date was 15/09/2022, thus the remaining classes are 11 and the cost from the original 1000€ is reduced to 323.53€.




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