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How to Create and Send Personalized Letters of Assignment to Teachers

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ScuolaSemplice gives the opportunity to create and send customized Letters of Assignment to the Teacher(s) of a course.

NB. At the bottom of the article is a standard template that you can use in your own management system.

Configuring and Loading an Assignment Letter

Navigate to Configuration → Contracts & Reports → Add Report, on the page that opens we should set up the Report with the configurations related to Letters of Assignment, fill in the sections like this:

  • Name: Indicate the name of the Letter of Assignment.
  • Type of Report: From odt template
  • Check the option "Report/Export by individual teacher."
  • Check the item. "This is a letter of assignment for the teacher."
  • Report template: Upload the previously created report template
  • Final File Name: Indicate the final name of the file that the Lecturer will view.
  • File Type: Indicate whether the Final File is in ODT or PDF format.
  • Order: Report listing order

Click in the green icon at the bottom of the form Add Report to confirm the creation of the Letter of Assignment.

Sending a Letter of Assignment

Within each course in Didactics → Collective Courses/Individual Lessons → Course Sheet. there will be a section called Letters of Assignment.. Under the paragraph will be all the Lecturers assigned to the course, next to their name you will be able to download the Letter of Assignment or email it to the Lecturer to request his/her signature:

It will be possible to send the Letter only to the Teachers who have within their registry a Mail address. To enter the email to a Teacher navigate to Master Data → Teachers → Menu → Edit.

The text of the Email that will be delivered to the Teacher will be visible and editable in Administration → Email/SMS Templates → Sending the Letter of Assignment to the Teacher e Sending the assignment letter to the teacher for electronic signature. (for the template with active electronic signature).

Once the submission is confirmed, the Lecturer, by accessing the course tab, will be able to reload the signed Letter (an action that the secretary can also perform):

The latter will be downloadable and searchable by both in the same section:

Letter of Assignment with Electronic Signature

In case you have purchased the Premium Package for Electronic Signature you can have the Letter of Assignment for Teachers signed electronically. In this case, the ODT file to be uploaded to management must follow the standards for Electronic Signature.. Also in the configurations you must navigate to the Report edit and check at the bottom of the page Send the assignment letter to the teacher for electronic signature, filling in all the additional information.

When sending the Letter of Assignment via Mail, the Teacher will be able to sign it electronically through the YouSign portal. The procedure is fully guided by the system.

For any other queries on the configuration of Electronic Signature, you can contact support at:

Creation of the Letter of Assignment

Letters of Assignment, like all Custom Reports, are created via ODT file through the free OpenOffice Writer program. The file will contain several placeholders that will be replaced by data extracted from each individual Teacher and Course.

Follow this guide for an explanation and list of placeholders for Letters of Assignment.

Click here to download a Standard engagement letter template.

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