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Exporting the First Note to Income/Expenditure

To carry out the export of the First Note navigate in Fiscal Management → Income/Expenses And filter the movements by period:

And indicate the range of dates for which to perform the export:

Then click the button Report/Export:

And he presses on Download the First Note:

It will immediately execute the Download of the File which will be composed as follows:

  • Causal: Reason for payment.
    • Invoice collection (CLI): Collections recorded from an Invoice.
    • Receipt Collection: Payment with Receipt attached.
    • Collection Order: Payment recorded by Order.
    • Payment Teacher: Payment disbursed to Lecturer.
    • Administrator payment: Payment disbursed to an Administrator.
  • Reg. no: Sequential number of the recorded payment.
  • Reg. date: Date of Payment.
  • Order No: Reference order number.
  • Order Date: Order Date.
  • Order Description: Public Order Note.
  • Doc Type: Document Type Related to Payment.
  • N. Doc: Document No.
  • Date Doc: Document Issue Date.
  • Account: Account associated with the School's tax company.
  • Client: The payee.
  • Student Beneficiary: Filled in only if the Reseller Module is active in the management system. Returns the name of the Student beneficiary.
  • Method of payment: Method by which payment was made.
  • Revenue: Amount of collection received.
  • Outputs: Amount of outgoing payment.

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