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What to do when a course ends earlier than planned and there are scheduled classes not to be held

In the event that a course has fewer classes than planned, perhaps because it was set as the duration of the course "Until the end of the academic year," but the classes ended on an earlier date, three routes will be possible:

  • From the course class schedule click the button at the top Maintenance > "Show maintenance options".
    Enter the early termination date and decide whether or not to cancel all classes up to that date without entering attendance data. Click "Close this course early" to conclude the opeation
  • Cancel lessons one by one from the lesson planner by clicking the trash icon on the lesson row and then clicking the "Cancel this lesson and reduce the length of the course by one unit" thereby shortening the length of the course.
  • Close the course directly from the course tab by clicking the button Close Course (click here for the specific article)

Read this article for more methods of early course closure

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