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Deleting an Electronically Signed Contract

To delete an electronically signed Contract, you need to navigate to Financial Management → Manage Orders: Then press the blue Manage Installments and Payments icon on the order of interest: Then click on Reopen/Edit Order: Finally click on the trash icon that appears next to the signed contract:

Course without taking attendance

It is possible to create Courses that do not need to take Student attendance, this will allow ScuolaSemplice to mark the lesson as being held automatically at 00:00 on the day of the lesson. To do this you need to navigate to Didactics → Collective/Individual Courses: And enter the Edit tab of the . . Continue reading...

Delete a Course

To delete a Course you need to navigate to Didactics → Collective Courses / Individual Lessons: From here click on the Collective Course Name or Individual Course ID: Then click on the Delete Course button: A warning window will appear with a summary of the consequences of deletion, then click on Delete permanently . . . Continue Reading...