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Configuration and use of Renewable Packages of Hours/Lessons or Months

Courses with Package Fee of Hours/Lessons/Months are very useful in case you want to give the enrollee the freedom to take a Course with no obligation to attend. This gives the Student the freedom, at the end of the chosen package, to drop out of the Course without contractual consequences.


There are 3 types of packages that can be used.

Types of packages

1. Hourly Packages

The Student can be associated with a package consisting of a set number of Hours to be used.


  • In the package by Hours, it is not the number of Lessons Taken that counts but the total number of Hours of Lessons Taken.
  • The package is scaled according to the number of Minutes used, if a lesson lasts longer or shorter than expected the Hours of lessons actually taken will be counted.

2. Number of Lessons Packages

The Student can be associated with a package consisting of a predetermined number of Lessons.


  • In the Lesson Package, it is not the length of the lessons that counts but how many lessons are conducted.
  • If a class lasts longer or shorter than expected one Credit will always be deducted from the package.

3. Monthly or Number of Months Package

The Student may be associated with a package of 1 or more months of attendance.


  • In the monthly package the number of lessons taken in the month does not count, if 4 or 5 or 6 are taken the price paid for the monthly will not change.
  • The duration of classes and the number of classes does not affect the price of the monthly package.
  • To purchase a single month of attendance, it is not necessary to create a package.
  • It is possible to create a monthly package that varies according to the number of classes in the month.

Package configuration

To configure packages navigate to Configuration > Settings > Packages for courses delivered by monthly fees, lecture-based and hourly:

To create the desired package enter the following information:

  • Name: Package name (for example, "10-hour package")
  • Course Type.: Type of fee applied to the course (must match that set in the course type), choose from:
    • Paid course by monthly fee.: To create a package of months.
    • Paid course by the hour.: To create a package of hours.
    • Course paid per lesson: To create a tuition package.
  • Period: Indicate the amount of months/hours/lessons you want to include in the package.
  • In case of absence: By default, the system will curtail the student's package in case of absence; choose "Do not curtail" if you want the packet credit not to decrease in case of student absence
  • order: Indicates the order in which the package will be displayed in the list of available packages and during student enrollment

Then click on the + icon to add the package:

Once the package is created, click the 2nd Package Discount Management icon to manage the various costs of the individual package:

Then enter:

  • Single Price: The original cost of the single entity month/hour/lesson to be set in the Course (e.g.: € 22/hour).
  • Package price: The cost of the package, which may differ from the cost of the single entity month/hour/lesson by the number of entities

Finally click on the + icon to add the package price:

Therefore, the price should be characterized by the same type of enrollment (hours/lessons/months) and the same hourly/lesson/monthly cost set in the course type or the course itself in which the Student is to be enrolled.

Course Configuration

To use a package of hours/lessons, it is good to set a longer duration of the packages set so as to allow the Student de make the necessary renewals in case the Course is continued. Generally, an attempt is made to ensure the Student at least 2 or 3 renewals.

A basic requirement, again from the type of course or the course itself in the case of a collective, concerns the type of fee which will necessarily have to be "Hourly cost of attendance", "Cost of attendance per lesson" o "Monthly fee" which must then coincide with the unit cost of the package the student is going to purchase.


  • Course with Hourly Cost of Attendance of € 22.
  • Hourly package: Unit package cost €22, package discount for 10 lessons €200.

Enrollment in a Course with Hourly/Lesson or Monthly Fee Charge

Enrollment is done through the brush Student Enrollment like any other course. Once the Course is added to the Shopping Cart you will be able to choose the package to purchase from those configured with the same settings as the Course:

Conclude the order normally with the classical procedure.

Credit Management

Credit is defined as a single unit of Hour/Lesson or Month. Each Student Enrolled in a bundled course will have credits remaining.

  • For Hour Courses one Credit (or fractions thereof) equals hours.
  • For Lecture Courses, one Credit is equivalent to one Lesson.
  • For Monthly Courses, one Credit is equivalent to one Month.

I Credits can also go into negative, in which case they need a renewal to return to 0 or a surplus.

In case of package ad Hours o Lessons, the student's credit will be scaled as they are entered the attendance at the classes held.

Credits in Individual Courses can be viewed directly in Didactics → Individual Lessons. In the following image, student Mario Rossi has one remaining credit of 7 hours:

In Collective Courses, credits can be viewed in the Students Enrolled tab of the Courses:

Clicking on the appropriate button next to the number of Remaining Credits you can see the Class and Credit History, with details of When they were charged and when have not been charged:

The system also gives the possibility of intervene manually on the Remaining Credits by clicking the appropriate Edit:

The following will be made editable cells of the remaining minutes. When you have finished the manual operations click the icon in the shape of a Floppy Disk to save the changes:

Making a Package Renewal

From Financial Management Renewals Management it will be possible to renew the student's package (either the same package or a different one, the important thing is that the unit cost always matches the course cost) by clicking the "Purchase new package", or unsubscribe from the course by clicking the "Do not renew package":

It is also possible to enable the Automatic Package Renewal, this allows you to automatically renew the package when the entered the first attendance in the Course with no Credits available. This will ensure that the credit does not go negative but is automatically renewed the same package purchased previously.

Click on the for more information on configuring Automatic Renewals for packages.

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