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Schedule a weekly summer course.

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The best way to create a weekly collective course is to create a generic template (click here to read the templates article) from the Didactics → Group Courses in the upper right corner click Create from template and then Defining the types of Courses click on the green icon in the upper right-hand corner Create new type.
From here create the model course with all the specifications referring to the individual week, specifying the one-time cost, the number of hours and the number of classes within the 7 days.
You will have to create, using this template, as many courses as weeks are planned for the summer (after creating the first one just clone them for as many weeks as needed). For example, the courses will have names "Summer course first week," "Summer course second week," "Summer course third week," etc.
This will give access to creating cumulative offers for multi-week purchases (click here to read the cumulative offer article).
From the menu Configuration → Cumulative Offers click the button in the upper right corner Add.
From the cumulative offer settings, select the following as the type Group courses by type (pre-registration). Dfrom the list "offer" select the name of the model
Through pre-enrollment, it will also be possible to manage student enrollment (click here to read the article on pre-enrollment).
The course to be used will always be the same, only that in each package it will be repeated, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 times and so on, the result will then be that each package will have different total price according to the number of weeks it is composed of.

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