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Disabling a teacher from the system

A teacher can be disabled and thus hidden from the platform but, for security reasons, cannot be deleted from the system's history (unless he or she has never been associated with any course, only then will it be possible to delete his or her record).

To disable a teacher navigate to Master Data Teachers. Then click on the menu on the desired teacher's row and below Edit.
Now, scroll to the bottom of the edit tab and flag the checkbox "Disable User" and save by clicking Apply Changes.

NOTE: The disabled teacher will no longer be able to access the system or teach any classes.

The teacher will then no longer appear in the list of teachers. In order to view it again, you will need to check the box Show inactive teachers located in the upper right corner:

It will now be visible again in the list but with a gray background:

In case you want to reactivate it, simply remove the disable flag from its Master Data tab.

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