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Bulk Import of Client Companies

For guidance on creating a single Client Company read the following Guide.

In order to perform a bulk import of Client Companies, it is necessary to navigate to Master Data → Customer Companies and click on the Import company master records:

A sub-menu will open where you can download the blank template for filling in the data and reload it filled in. Then click on Download empty template:

The Download will start immediately. The file template will look like this:

Note: Fields in blue are required to be filled in.

  • Company: The name of the Client Company.
  • Address: Leasing address.
  • Cap: Lease Cap.
  • City: City of lease.
  • Province: Leasing Province.
  • Status: State of residence.
  • Tax Code: Corporate Tax Code.
  • VAT number: VAT ID Code.
  • Email: Company Email Address.
  • Phone: Landline phone number.
  • Mobile: Mobile number.
  • VAT Rate Name: The name of the VAT rate found in Administration → Economic Settings → VAT Rates must be given identically.
  • Billing Company: Indicate identically the name of the School Company in which to associate the Company located in Tax Management → Tax Settings.

When you have finished compiling the file, return to the management screen and click on Choose File:

Once you have chosen the File click on the green button Verify the contents of the file:

They will be displayed all the Companies found in the File:

To conclude the operation click the red button Confirm data import:

When the procedure is complete, a confirmation message:

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