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Copy the class schedule of a Flexible Course.

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It is possible to copy a class schedule from another flexible course already scheduled and present in the management system.

The new flexible course being created must have:

  • A start date set
  • A predefined number of hours
  • An equal (or similar) number of hours as the course from which we want to clone lessons (with a gap of about 4 hours)
  • The same subject as the course we want to clone

Note: It is only possible to copy the Planning of other Flexible Courses.

Once all these settings are configured you will be able to navigate theLesson Schedule and click the blue button Copy Planning from another Course:

A drop-down menu will appear with all the courses that reflect the characteristics of the course you just created:

After selecting the course with the schedule to be copied the button will appear Prepare for the clone of the course schedule:

An additional window will appear confirming that the courses match:

If the check mark on Set Teacher as to be defined, it will be chosen later, the imported lessons will not have a default Lecturer but will be chosen lesson by lesson.

You can continue by clicking the green button Complete the copy the course schedule as of.

Lesson planning from the start date set on the newly created course will be imported.

NOTE: The course will be cloned without Holiday checks; any corrections must be made by hand.

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