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Difference between closing and deleting a course

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From the course tab it will be possible to both close and delete a course.

Clicking the Close Course button will make it possible to close a course regardless of whether it is completed or not.
Following the close, the course will still be present on the course list but highlighted in gray and not editable, it will only be viewable; however, it will no longer be viewable from the Student and Lecturer App (lecturers will only see any attendance still remaining to be entered).

Now, again from the course tab, you will be able to archive the course by clicking the Archive Course button.
An archived course will then no longer be viewable from the course list and will go inside the course archive.

N.B. In case there is still attendance to be taken and there is no need to do so, it will still be possible to archive the course by clicking the Force cancel classes and archive course button, again from the course tab.

Clicking the Delete Course button will allow you to DEFINITELY delete the course.
Deleting a course will result in:

  • The removal from the system of any information such as classes, attendance, and the course itself
  • Any payments already approved that include lessons from this course would not be removed

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