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Co-teaching or alternating Teachers in a course Regular

In the event that a regularly scheduled course is taught by two or more lecturers, it will be possible to insert them either during course creation or at a later stage by clicking the edit icon on the course row from the course list; simply click on "multiple lecturers" under Course Lecturer, and insert the different lecturers.

IMPORTANT: All faculty to be entered for that course, must be associated with the subject matter of the course (to link a faculty member to the subject matter, navigate to Master Data → Lecturers and value the subject checkbox directly from the teacher's master file)

Regular course with two or more lecturers alternating regularly (two or more lectures per week)
The simplest case is when for a regularly scheduled course with two classes per week, two lecturers alternate regularly.
To schedule the course calendar, click the icon Show Classroom Occupancy on its row and, from the next page, click the button Edit weekly schedule.

Choose location and classroom from the two fields at the top and click the Update.
Now left-click directly in the calendar and drag down to create the red box for the new lesson (you will not need to be precise in dragging with the mouse since the duration of the lesson will already have been set during course creation). Repeat the operation for the other weekly lesson.

At this point, right-click on the two lecture boxes and assign the two lecturers who will alternate on a regular basis.

Click the "Check Schedule" to check that there are no classroom and/or teacher conflicts in the chosen schedule; then click "Go to approval".
From the next screen the preview of the class schedule will be shown, click "Apply changes" to finish the operation.

Now from the class schedule it will be possible to view the course calendar with alternating classes between the two teachers.
Attendance can then be entered normally by the teachers (click here to read the guide on entering attendance)


Regular course with two or more faculty members who do NOT alternate regularly
In cases where, on the other hand, the lecturers in a course do NOT alternate on a regular basis, or there is alternation but from week to week, it will not be possible to assign lecturers to classes directly at the planning stage (this can be done if necessary directly from the general calendar, after planning the course, lesson by lesson manually), but it will simply be the lecturer who taught the class who will go and enter his or her own attendance and that of the students from the class schedule (click here to read the guide on entering attendance).

On the other hand, in case it is the secretary who enters the attendance, he/she may choose the lecturer from those teaching that course and enter the attendance on his/her behalf.


Regular course with two co-presidency teachers
In the event that two teachers hold classes in a regular co-presidency course, after entering the two teachers during course creation and planning the class schedule, it will be the secretary who will be responsible for entering the attendance for both and not the individual teachers.

PLEASE NOTE: In case two teachers are co-present in the same lesson, the teachers should NOT enter their own attendance and that of the students via App or web application, but the secretary will have to do so for both.

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