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What to do when the same regular group course has different groups of students at different times

Group courses are generally regularly scheduled group courses with a certain fixed weekly schedule, usually with the same lecturer, and a group of students participating in the course.

In the case where the same type of regular collective course has multiple classes of students with different schedules, it will be necessary to create as many courses as there are classes of students. The courses created will be identical with each other, i.e., they will have the same characteristics and use of resources, but will have different attendance times (or same time but different classroom and teacher) and consequently different students (e.g.: Cambridge C1 Group Course - Wednesday 5 p.m.; Cambridge C1 Group Course - Friday 3 p.m.; Cambridge C1 Group Course - Monday 12 p.m.; Cambridge C1 Group Course with lecturer Mario Rossi; Cambridge C1 Group Course with lecturer Luigi Verdi; etc. etc.).

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