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Connection to the App when a parent is both student and guardian/responsible person

A typical case that may occur in a school is when the parent of a student is himself enrolled in a course.
In this type of situation it will then be necessary to create two master records for the school's student parent, one as a student and one as a guardian/responsible person.

IMPORTANT: Mobile phone number and email address of the parent, must necessarily be entered ONLY in his/her guardian/guardian registry; other personal data such as first name, last name, date of birth, address, city, etc. etc., may instead also be repeated in both parent registries (please note that the only two blocking data to be able to add a new registry are only first name and last name).
Cell phone number and email address are unique data, they CANNOT be repeated on multiple master records, but must be entered only in one. So even for the minor student who does not have email address and/or personal cell phone number, those of their parent should not be repeated, but the relevant fields should be left blank.

The parent's guardian/guardian registry will now need to be linked not only to their child(ren), but also to the student registry of themselves (click here to read the mini-guide on linking master records).
At this point it will be time to link the guardian/guardian app to the parent's registry, thus navigating to Master Records > Guardian/Responsible and clicking the orange icon "Send invitation for app installation." on the registry line (click here to read the Wiki article regarding linking to the responsible guardian app)

With this quick procedure, the parent will be able to see and manage his or her own courses that he or she attends and those of his or her child who is also a student, just by using the App as a guardian/responsible person.

So in summary it will be necessary to enter 3 master records, one more than normal, one for the student child and two for the parent, one as student and one as guardian.


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