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Billing information other than residence

In case a student enrolled in a course wants to use different different billing information than his or her own residence, because someone else such as the company he works for is paying for the course for him, simply go into his student record and enter different billing information-.
In this way, the order of enrollment will still be in the student's name but, when billing, the different residence data will be used.

Navigate to Master Data Students, click on the "Menu" on the specific student's row and below click on "Edit":

Scroll down to about halfway through the master sheet and value the checkbox "Billing data other than residence data":

Then enter the following data:

Note: Only in the case of Legal Person and Resident in Italy will it be possible to check the PA (Public Administration) item.

  • Genus
    • Legal person (if chosen, after entering the country of residence, the field for the recipient code will appear)
    • Maschile
    • Female
  • Name / Last name or Business Name (in case of legal entity)
  • Residence address
  • ZIP Code / City / Province
  • Country of residence
  • Phone
  • Cell phone
  • Tax Code
  • VAT number
  • Email for sending documents
  • PEC address
  • Recipient code (the following field will result only in case of a legal entity, after entering the country of residence)

Click Edit Student (in case you are editing an existing student) or Add Student (in case you are entering a new student record) to finish the operation:

It will also be possible to perform the same procedure for responsible guardianship master records (Master Records Guardian/Responsible) and client companies (Master Data Client Companies).

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