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Mass update of master data via Sales Form

It is possible to massively submit a Master Data Update Form for Students, Tutors and Teachers.

First you will need to create a Form that can be used to update Master Data (click here for the guide on Sales Forms)

Note: Be sure to flag the following option in the Form settings: Use for master data completion:

Within the form, in the edit section, enter the fields to be edited by Users. Default fields and previously created custom fields can be entered (here is the guide for creating custom fields), for example:

Navigate to Administration > Mass Actions and select "Check and mass update of master records", selecting the type of users to administer it to and the Form previously created:

By clicking on   the system will go and select, for the type of users selected, all the master records that are missing 1 or more of the fields entered In the Form:

IMPORTANT: Users marked as "non-compliant" are all those who lack the data required mandatorily in the Form and not optionally.

By clicking on "Compose Message", it will be possible to customize the text of the email that will arrive to the User containing the Form link. It is logically necessary to have access to the platform in order to complete it:

Once the email has been sent to the selected users, going to "Administration > Scheduled Tasks" it will be possible to check the status of the sending and in detail whether it has been opened/completed:

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