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Massive creation and import of Subject Master Data

1. Creation of a Matter

To create a Matter navigate to Master Data → Subjects:

And click on the button in the upper right corner Add matter:

This will open the Compilation Form which will look like this:

  • Subject Name: Name of Matter (only required field).
  • Department: Related department, if any.
  • Description: Description of the subject (visible only to the Secretariat).
  • Related teaching: Any related teaching (specific guide here).
  • Teacher Overlay: If checked disables Teacher Overlap for this Subject.
  • Data Sheet: Subject Data Sheet (visible only to the Secretariat).
  • Matter color: Color of the matter that may be displayed in the calendar (here the specific Guide).
  • Sellable online: Check if Matter is available as a choice for the purchase of Carnet online.

When you have finished filling in, you need to click on the green button Add subject:

2. Massive Import of Materials

Note: It is possible to do a massive Import of Teachers and consequently massive creation of Subjects by following this guide.

It is also possible to perform aBulk Import of Materials. To do this, navigate to Master Data → Subjects and click on the Import:

From the next screen click on Download blank template:

The file will be composed as follows:

  • Matter Name: The name of the Matter to be Imported.
  • Alias: Optional Alias for use in management.
  • Department: Department of Matter.
  • Main Subject: If filled in this column the Subject will have this Name and the Subject Name column will be used to create the subject.
  • Description: Subject Description.
  • Order: Order of appearance of Topics (to be used only if Main Subject filled in).
  • Teacher information
  • Student Information
  • Teaching: Related teaching.

Completed the compilation Choose the compiled file e tick off the items of interest:

  • Imports Departments not present: Imports Departments found in the file that are not present in the management system.
  • Import materials not present: Imports materials not present in the management system.
  • Imports linked teachings not present: Imports teachings not present in management.

When you have finished filling in the ticks click on the button Import to finish the procedure:

3. Linking the Subject to the Teacher

Once the Subjects have been created or imported, it is necessary to link them to one or more Teachers present in Master Data → Teachers. To do this, navigate to Master Data → Subjects and click on the name of the Subject of interest, then navigate to the Tab Teachers:

Then select in the RIGHT column all the Teachers in the management system who teach the selected Subject. Automatically they will be moved to the Left column:

Then click on the icon in the shape of Floppy Disk to save the operation:

Teachers are now properly connected to the Subject.

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