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Management via App of parent of multiple student children

Very frequently it may happen that a parent has two or more children enrolled in courses at the school, either the same course or different courses.
To manage this situation in an optimal way, allowing the parent to see through the App courses, classes, payments and notifications of all their children students of the school, it will be sufficient to create the parent's registry as a guardian/responsible person and link it to the registries of the student children (click here to read the Wiki article on creating guardians/responsible persons).

IMPORTANT: Parent's cell phone number and email address, must be entered (ONLY) in his/her guardian/responsible person's registry in order to perform the linking procedure to the app of ScuolaSemplice.

Once the guardian/responsible parent's registry has been created, the parent should be invited to download the App, resulting in a linking procedure (click here for guidance on linking to the app from guardian/responsible).

With this simple procedure, the parent with their own App will be able to see of all the information about all their children enrolled in the school's courses.

WARNING: cell phone number and email address are unique data, they cannot belong to more than one registry, but only to one.
So in case the minor student does not have his/her own cell phone number and personal email, the relevant fields should be left blank, without entering those of his/her parents

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