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Cell phone number and email address of master records

Cell phone number and email address are two pieces of data that must remain unique, CANNOT be repeated in multiple master records, and should be entered only in the master record of the person to whom they actually belong, since they are precisely personal data.
This is because, the cell phone number will be used by the system when using the ScuolaSemplice App to connect the student, the student's parent or the teacher to the school, so it CANNOT be entered in two different master records, but only in one.
The same goes for the email address, which, being used by the system as a username when creating the web account for student, student's parent or teacher (usually used by those who rarely prefer it over the App), CANNOT be entered in two different master records, but only in one.

CAUTION: In the event that you attempt to enter a cell phone number or email address that is already in a master record, into a new master record, the system will not allow it and an error pop-up will be shown in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

In cases where the student enrolled in the course, being a minor, does not have his/her own email address and cell phone number, those of the parent should NOT be entered, but the corresponding fields should be left blank. In fact, in these cases, in addition to the student's registration, the parent's registration as Guardian/Responsible person will also have to be created and linked together (click here to read the Wiki article regarding guardian/responsible entry).
The parent linked to their Guardian/Responsible App (click here to read the mini guide on linking the app from guardian/responsible), will be able to see everything about their child or children (click here to read the article on managing the parent with multiple student children), so courses, classes, attendance, teacher comments, any grades and ratings, payments settled and payments due (in the case of multiple guardians connected to the same student, only the one to whom the enrollment order was made out will display the payments).
As for the email address, the same applies, i.e., since the child is a minor, the enrollment order and any tax document (invoice or tax receipt) will generally be made out to the legal guardian, who should therefore be the recipient of any email sent with the document attached. In fact, the system will automatically choose as the recipient of the email with the enrollment order and any tax document attached, the order holder, which, in the case of a minor child, will be the parent in the role of guardian/legal guardian.

Finally, in the case where a person has dual roles, i.e., student and guardian/responsible person for their student child, 2 master records should be created for the same person, one as a student and one as a student, and cell phone number and email address should be entered in the guardian/responsible person record (click for here for in-depth guide).

Click here for general guidance on the figure of the guardian/responsible person.

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