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Generic occupation of the classroom

Please note: Generic classroom occupancy may be disabled in your system. If so, you can enable it by navigating to Configuration → Settings → Calendar-related settings. Among the various flags you will find the one that will work for you and that should be enabled for each branch


To enter a generic classroom occupancy you will have to enter the general school calendar by clicking on "Calendar" on the top horizontal bar of the dashboard.

From the next screen click the "View by Classrooms" in case you were using a different view, and choose the classroom in which to enter the general occupancy.

Then double-click the left mouse button on an empty spot on the calendar, or drag down while holding down the left button.
From the next screen fill in the following data:

  • Type of lecture/event: choose "General Classroom Occupancy"
  • Time period: enter start time and end time of generic classroom occupancy
  • Notes/Description: insert a comment in reference to the generic classroom occupancy

Click the "Save" to conclude the operation.

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