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Creation of a Flexible Multi Subject or Instructional Class Course.

The creation of a Multi-Matter Course within ScuolaSemplice can be done through two modes:

  • Teaching Class: For courses that have regular class attendance
  • Flexible multi-matter course: For courses that do NOT have regular class attendance

This choice is made when creating the course under Course type:

It will be necessary to indicate that the Materies will be chosen on the individual lessons, as well as the Lecturers (Alternatively, it is possible to indicate all the Lecturers who will be involved, considering that at least one Lecturer for each subject entered).

In the slot regarding Course Duration, it is strongly recommended to enter the option default number of hours:

This will cause the option to appear. Allocate a specific number of hours for each subject this, if checked, will give the option of dividing the Course hours among the various subjects you are going to choose:

The last step to be taken is Course Planning, which can be done through the following Guides:

Planning a Flexible Multi Subject Course.

Planning an Instructional Class.

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