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Individual course to teaching class

In this guide relating to Individual Courses in Didactic Class , we will show you how to configure them and how to proceed at the time of student enrolment.

This type of course has been designed mainly for individual multi-subject courses with more than one lesson per week such as remedial courses at the end of the school year, however, they can also be used for single-subject courses that include several weekly lessons of different lengths.

To configure an individual course as a didactic class, you will have to enter the Didactics section → Individual Courses:

Once there, you will have to click on the "Definition of course types" button:

Here you will see the list of all the course templates in the system, so you will have to click on "Create new type" in order to proceed with the creation of the desired course template:

After entering the name of the template, you will have to enter "Teaching class" in the Course Type field and then continue with the complete configuration of the template:

Once the configuration is finished, it will be necessary to link a subject to the course template, to do so you will have to click on the "Subjects associated with the offer" button and on the page that will open we will be able to link the subjects interested to the template:

After linking the subjects, it will be possible to proceed with the enrollment of students in the course.

To enrol a student in an individual course with a didactic class , you will then have to access the Student Registration section:

Once you have entered the student, you will have to select the option "Personal Recovery Course" from the list of the type of enrolment:

By clicking on the field to select the remedial course, all the individual course models in the system will be shown and you will be able to select the desired one:

Once you have selected the template, you will have to fill in all the fields that will be shown and you can proceed to place the order in the cart and confirm the student's registration.

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