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Change the weekly attendance of an already planned regular course

To change the weekly class frequency of a regular course that has already started, navigate to Didactics → Group Courses or to.→ Didactics → Individual Lessons..

Locate the course of interest, click the icon Class Schedule and, from the next screen, click the Edit weekly schedule.
Now value the checkbox "Edit the characteristics of the lessons" and change the duration from the drop-down menu Weekly Lessons..

After varying the number of weekly course meetings, you will need to take direct action on the weekly calendar below to add or remove classes based on what has been established:

  • In case you intend to add a weekly lesson, for example, changing from one to two meetings per week, left-click on a spot on the calendar by dragging down and then move the red box created to the desired day and time (same way as when you first plan the calendar)
  • In case you intend to remove a weekly lesson, for example, going from two to one weekly lesson, right-click on the box of the lesson to be removed and choose the option "Remove weekly lesson"

Click the button Verify Schedule and, if there are no conflicts, click the button Go to approval to proceed with the change and preview the schedule with the new frequency.

By doing so, from the next scheduled lesson onward, the course will be characterized by the new weekly frequency, while lessons already held that are therefore in the past will not be changed.
In case you intend to change the weekly frequency of the course only from a certain date onward, leaving the lessons prior to that date (done and not done) unchanged, select with the flag the last lesson to be kept with the current schedule.

For normal class days, either from the past with attendance to be entered or from the future, clicking the "Skip date" you can cancel that specific lesson and, in the case of a predetermined number of hours or lessons course duration, put it in the course queue (in case the course duration has been set up to a certain date, the lesson will only be cancelled and not rescheduled).

Similarly, in the case of lessons cancelled by the system because they are scheduled on a holiday, it will be possible to have the lesson still scheduled on that day even though it is a holiday by clicking the "Carry out anyway".

N.B. In the case of a course with a predetermined number of lessons or hours, as a result of the change in the number of weekly lessons, the system will continue to adhere to the amount of lessons/hours established during creation

Click the "Apply Changes" to finish the operation.

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