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Modify an enrollment order that has already been issued

To change the amount of an order that has already been issued, add goods or services, or change the various wording on it, navigate to Financial Management Order Management and click on the "Manage installments and payments".
From the next screen click the blue button Reopen.

At this point it is possible:

  • Change the amount of the individual items that make up the order by clicking the green icon next to it and typing in the new amount.
    N.B. in case even partial payments related to that cost you intend to change have already been recorded, you will first need to remove the record of those payments by scrolling down to the "List of registered payments" and clicking the trash icon on the line of the payment in question.
    Once the payment record is removed, the amount will again be correctable by clicking the green icon next to it.
  • Change the wording of individual entries, by clicking the relevant green icon next to the specific entry and entering the new name
  • Add goods or servicess from your system-entered catologue via the corresponding drop-down menu. Then choose the good or service and click the blue button with the +.
    Once the good has been added, you will be able to decide whether to include its cost on the installment plan established in the order, or leave it out of the installments by valorizing the "Payment out of installments" checkbox

Following the changes made to the enrollment order, click the little green save icon in the middle of the screen to save the operation.

CAUTION, The system only allows you to reopen and edit orders that are NOT yet fully welded or zero. Therefore, it will only be possible to edit orders that are at least partially outstanding.

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