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How to delete a payment record

Elimination of an unbilled payment

To delete the record of a payment received navigate to Financial Management → Order Management and click the "Manage installments and payments" on the order line for which you want to remove the payment.
Then scroll down to the bottom of the list of payments received (registered payments) and click the trash icon to remove the payment. Following the deletion, the payment will return to the "To be received".

CAUTION: You will not be able to remove a payment if an invoice has already been issued, unless you use single invoicing for multiple payments (i.e., single invoicing for all installments of an order), or unless it is the last invoice (in which case you can remove the invoice first and the payment later).

Elimination of an invoiced payment

If a payment was first recorded as paid and then invoiced, you will not be able to directly delete it, but must first delete the corresponding invoice (click here to read the article on deleting an invoice) and then delete the payment record by following the procedure explained in the first part of this article.

If, on the other hand, a payment to be received was invoiced earlier and recorded as settled later, you will no longer be able to delete it from the order as explained in the previous procedure, but will have to delete it by entering the invoice details. Navigate to Fiscal Management → Invoices/Credit Notes, click the "Menu" on the invoice line, followed by the "Invoice and payment details". From the next screen, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the trash icon next to the recorded payment.

Following this procedure, the payment will return with status to be settled, either in the invoice or in the relevant entry order.


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