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Registration of a partial or cumulative payment

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If a student makes a partial payment of any amount that does not correspond to an installment established in the purchase order, it is possible to record a partial payment.
Then navigate to Financial Management → Student Fees:
Then click the orange button at the top Record payment:

Now type in the student's name on the appropriate field and the system will display in full all of his or her payments in pending status:

Then enter:
  • Payment amount: partial amount paid by the student
  • Payment date: the date of the partial payment paid by the student
  • Payment method: the partial payment method of payment received
  • Guardian / Responsible Person: the tutor/responsible person of the student for whom payment is being recorded
  • Installments covered by the payment: the system indicates both the installments that are fully covered and those that are partially covered.
  • Comments: any comments on payment to be recorded

Click the button Insert Payment to save the transaction:

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