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Mass merge function of student master records.

In case there are many duplicates in the student master records, the system allows you to perform a massive master merge operation, being able to choose a value to be used for identifying the duplicates.
After the merge is performed, all related information, such as enrollments, tuition, orders, payments, invoices, etc., will automatically flow to the remaining user.

Navigate to the menu item Administration → Mass Actions and, from the next screen, expand the section "Deleting Duplicate Students".
Choose from the drop-down menu the variable according to which the system should show and group duplicate student records, being able to choose from: last and first name, social security number, mobile number and email address; then click the "Show duplicate students".

This tool also allows you to export the list of duplicates to excel by clicking the button in the upper right corner "Export duplicate students", so as to allow for more precise verification before proceeding to merge the master records.

For each grouping of users identified by the system as possible duplicates, the "Merge" flag (the system inserts it by default in case the grouped registries have matching first and last names, and the one with all the data that can be used as the grouping factor entered will be highlighted) and then value the checkbox of the registry you intend to keep, which will be highlighted in green by the system; the other unchecked registries will then merge into the one chosen, taking with them all the related information, such as enrollments, classes, orders, payments, invoices, etc.

Click the button at the bottom of the page "Merge duplicate students" to finish the operation.

N.B . It is possible to perform this massive master data unification operation by specifying for which group you intend to perform it, by entering the flag "Merge"; in case this flag is not entered, the master records identified by the system as potential duplicates will remain unchanged.

Warning. The master record merge operation is not reversible, so it will not be possible to recover the master record merged to the one chosen.

Click here for the article on the NON-massive student master data unification operation, which can be done by navigating to the menu item Master Records → Students, in case there are few duplicate students that you want to merge.

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