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Add a simple movement in Income/Expense

You can add a simple movement unrelated to an Order, Teacher, Supplier, or Administrator by navigating to Tax Management → Income/Expenditures then select the Company on which to add a movement:

The following will be uploaded all the income/expenses of the management system with the possibility of export the First Note. Click on the orange downward-pointing arrow next to the Invoices / Credit Notes, from the menu that opens click Add Simple Movement:

The screen for adding the movement. Fill in the required data:

  • Date: The date the movement was accounted for.
  • Total amount: Movement value in Euros.
  • Debit/Credit: Check if this is a Debit or Credit.
  • Account name: Enter the Name of the account for the movement.
  • Method: Method by which the amount was paid.
  • Description: Movement description.

When you have finished filling in the fields click on the green button Add movement:

The line will immediately be added in the Income / Expenses with the possibility of deletion o modification of the data entered:

In the case of outgoing transactions with an attached Invoice, it is possible to enter payments from the Outgoing Master via this guide.

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