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Bulk Import of Client Companies

It is possible to do a bulk import of Client Companies by navigating to. Master Data → Customer Companies → Import Company Master Data.

From here you can download the basic template that will need to be filled out:

The empty model will look like this:

Fields highlighted in blue will be required to perform the import correctly:

  • Company: Name of the company to be imported
  • VAT number: VAT number of the company
  • Vat rate name: The model name of the vat rate set on the management system (Administration → Economic Settings → VAT Rates)
  • Billing Company: The name of the billing company among those in the management system ( Tax Management → Tax Settings → Lists of Active Companies in the system.)

These are the mandatory fields that must be filled in correctly. The other fields can be filled in as desired.

Multiple columns or entries cannot be added in this template.

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