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Customer/supplier entry

Creating a Customer/Supplier gives you the ability to issue Manual active invoices or to manually mark an output with an attached passive Invoice.

To enter a customer or supplier master record, navigate to Fiscal Management → Customers/Suppliers and click the button at the top left of the screen "Add Supplier Customer":

This will open the Compilation form for entering the data of the Customer/Supplier:

  • Name*: Indicate Name
  • Code: Enter any internal master code
  • Customer/Supplier*: Choose from the drop-down menu whether it is a Customer of a Supplier or both
  • This is a reseller: Tick dedicated to a separate form
  • This is a certification body: This registry can be linked to the certifications that can be defined in the exam management section / certifications / certificates
  • Preparation Centre: Tick reserved for those who have the Cambry module active
  • Email address: Email address for communication
  • PEC Address: PEC address for communications
  • Phone: Landline phone number
  • Cell phone: Cell phone number
  • Fax: Fax
  • Address: Street of Residence
  • ZIP/City/Province: Residency Data
  • Country of Residence: Country of Residence of Customer/Supplier
  • Tax Code: Tax Code (required for Italian Customers).
  • Split Payment: LCheck to activate Split Pyment for this registry (here is the guide).
  • Deferred collectability: Customer with deferred VAT collectability
  • Enable Apprenticeships: Enables the facility as a location for Internships

Click the green button Add Customer/Supplier to complete the procedure:


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